Reach Beyond





Dynamic communication shapes ambitious ideas and generates momentum to propel their realisation.

We develop strong brands that showcase our clients' unique strengths and connect with their key audiences in meaningful ways.

The content we create is focused on genuinely engaging the target markets defined by the entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers we work with.

Southern Falcon is a strategic communications, marketing, management and business development consulting agency. Our firm manages strategy and business development for ventures we have invested in and organisations we have partnered with.

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Why Choose Us

We don’t stop at being web designers. We’re not here to sell you services. We create solutions with you.

Our team helps businesses boost their online traffic, leads and sales by building brand identity and optimising web content together with improving communications and marketing strategy. We develop clear, concise and inspirational written content that promotes engagement. Our business solutions improve financial return while also considering social and environmental impact. We work on giving your brand a dynamic voice while conceptualising and implementing strategy. With us, you will reach beyond your current grasp.

We utilize impact metrics and measure our outcomes in order to substantiate the integrity of  the business strategies, products, organisational policies, campaigns, ventures and social enterprises we develop. Elements of social, environmental, and financial return are tracked throughout the value chain. Improved governance policies, corporate culture, communications and marketing strategy are implemented as part of a mission-driven focus.





Mariah Davidovic

Mariah’s expertise includes communications and competitive strategy, information technology business development, international corporate law, intellectual property and investment management. Having lived and worked in Canada, the USA, Europe and South Africa, she brings a global perspective to our team. Her husband and four kids inspire her to look beyond financial return and focus on creating shared value and impact investing.


Selena Ivanovic

You'll see her passion for storytelling, ability to create engaging content, compelling marketing and visual brand strategy shine through her work. She’s also a champion kickboxer and brings her competitive edge to our projects.


Sara Vehovec

Sara’s professional background includes Corporate Event Management and Sales. She is passionate about organising and making important things happen. While studying Sociology, Sara participated in international research projects that focused on topics such as countering extremism in all its forms to dealing with hate speech in the media. Contributing to positive social and environmental impact on a global level is what drives her forward.


Nemanja Tomanovic

He began his web adventure as a Marketing Analyst working on the frontend, maintaining and updating websites. As a Developer and Engineer, he is now sharpening his skills in design, programming, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Silvester Suping

Passionate about cybersecurity and web-based strategy, he seeks to continuously improve the information technology landscape in South Africa. You’ll find him developing new online marketing concepts and plans while implementing the most innovative competitive strategies. Silvester handles sales and customer service in the Johannesburg area. You’ll also find him teaching computer literacy to underprivileged youth and doing outreach work.


Magni Moodley

Magni has thrived in the corporate finance world for over 5 years. Her unique ability is effective communication and she engages with clients from such diverse fields as commercial truck electronics, performing arts and management consulting. She is meticulously organised while also knowing how to bring out the best in those around her.